Capital Raising

The CONNECTpreneur Investor Network is a group of 2000+ proven accredited angels, private investors, and venture capitalists who are actively seeking early stage investment opportunities.

This informal network shares deal information and conducts due diligence on investments which the various individuals in the group are considering.

Each Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Forum presenting company's Executive Summary and investment presentation is shared with the CONNECTpreneur Investor Network, and given the group's interest, the presenter may have the opportunity for post-event follow up one-on-one or group meetings with investors in our network.

In addition, there are over 9000 accredited high net worth and private investors within the global CONNECTpreneur community. We periodically share deal flow with these investors and also arrange customized private investor meetings for certain companies and fund managers on a select basis to present to a group of vetted investors from this community.

For more information on the CONNECTpreneur Investor Network and our private events, or to join us, please contact us at