Capital Access Platform

CONNECTpreneur CAP is a digital fundraising platform that was created in partnership with Boustead & Company Limited and its affiliates to help companies within CONNECTpreneur’s network raise capital. Companies using this platform will have access to a vast distribution network that aids and promotes their fundraising efforts.

CONNECTpreneur CAP uses smart analytics that aim to connect companies to potentially tens of thousands of accredited investors in our respective networks. Our customizable platform enables quick and easy access to all data and documents for your fundraising activities in one location so that investors can seamlessly and electronically invest capital into your business. CONNECTpreneur CAP streamlines many of the issues that complicate and delay today's capital raising process by simplifying the investor outreach, verification and management processes, streamlining deal execution, automating compliance, and providing efficient cash escrow solutions.

CONNECTpreneur CAP comes with the support of a broad network of associates, affiliates, and investors through the CONNECTpreneur and Boustead partnership, to help you with your financing needs. For more information, please download the documents on this page, and contact us at